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re: Recruitment Guidelines


Our Application Forum is private, only you, raiders and officers of Group Therapy can see your application.


- Extensive knowledge of your class mechanics and raid encounters. You should know your own role and also that of your fellow raiders. You should understand all aspects of an encounter (tanking/healing/DPS) from an academic standpoint and from a practical point of view.

- Maximizing your gear to be ready for raiding. While we understand you may not have all the best in terms of actual items, we do expect you to put forth the effort to have the best gems/enchants to help bridge the gap.

- High attendance is critical, especially for learning new content. While we understand real life precedence, you should strive for 100% attendance.

- Mumble/Vent and a working microphone are essential. Being able to communicate verbally is absolutely required and exceptions will not be tolerated.

- A good attitude towards raiding and other players. Members are expected to be 100% focusedt during every raid night.

- An ability to fit into the guild environment. If you do not get along with the other members, chances are high that you will not pass your trial. Our guild atmosphere can be summed up in one word. Troll.

- No special characters in your name.  No weird random alt numpad combination you have will be accepted.

Application Process:

After you post your application in the appropriate forum it will be reviewed by raiding members of the guild and there may be some back and forth discussion that you can engage with. If this part goes well we will schedule an interview over Mumble/Vent. After the interview is completed, if you are accepted, we will bring you into the guild for a trial period of approximately one month where all of the members will evaluate your skill, attitude, and attendance. At the end of one month you will be promoted to raider status or removed from the guild. Trial duration is at our discretion and can be extended to evaluate you further.

If it looks like you spent about 20 seconds doing your application, do not be surprised if we spend less time than that declining. Please make an effort with your presentation and try to write coherently. Applications that lack detail have a very good chance of not going anywhere. In addition, parses are a must.

Good luck with your application!

"I know your $14.99 entitles you to play the game your way, but the rest of the raid's $359.76 says know your fucking role."   Hating isn't just a mindset, it's a lifestyle......

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